Ev Charger Installation

Technical Safety BC License #LEL0209496

Fueling for the future. Charge your electric car conveniently at home with a residential install or request a commercial EV charger install at your facility.

Ev Charger Installation

Technical Safety BC License #LEL0209496

Fueling for the future. Charge your electric car conveniently at home with a residential install or request a commercial EV charger install at your facility.

We help get you on the way to greener transportation in Victoria, BC.

Grifflyn Electric is a certified, licensed and bonded electrical contractor who can install all types of EV commercial and residential chargers in Greater Victoria

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Single-family homes can get a rebate of up to 50% of the purchase and installation costs of an eligible Level 2 EV charger, to a maximum of $350. This includes duplexes or townhouses with private garages or dedicated parking.

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Technical Safety BC Permit #

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Frequently Asked Questions

Installation pricing can vary depending on your home charging hardware and electrical system. A straightforward installation can range from $750 – $1,500. However, if there are additional items needed to complete your installation, the price will be adjusted accordingly.
An electrical contractor must verify there is sufficient power available and that there is room in your existing panel for the new load.

You could save up to $8000 on Eligible Vehicles Here’s a list of electric vehicles in B.C. that are eligible for a combination of provincial and federal rebates. Rebates vary based on the vehicle’s type and model, and are applied to the price of the car by the dealer at the time of sale or lease. https://goelectricbc.gov.bc.ca/

A copy of the itemised receipt for an eligible charger showing proof of payment. Must include the retailer’s name, address and phone number. A copy of the invoice for the charger installation by a licensed electrician showing proof of payment. Must show itemised costs broken down by activities performed. Contact information for the electrician (first and last name, phone number, email address) Electrical permit number for the installation Remaining Electrical capacity after EV Charging Installation (Requires an on-site Load Assessment)

Level 1 charger typically comes with the vehicle and requires a dedicated 20Amp receptacle. These chargers nearly take a day to charge the vehicle and are recommended for hybrids. Level 2 charger will charge faster and the quality of the charge is more reliable and better on the batteries lifespan. These installs are normally hardwired and require a dedicated 40 or 50 amp feed.

An average Ev Charger can take less than a day of work to install.
Most commercial installations require pre-approval and the contractor to be a Licensed BC Hydro Power Smart Member (Such as Grifflyn Electric). A rebate of up to 50% of costs to install the electrical infrastructure required to implement your EV Ready plan, to a maximum of $600 per parking space, and a project maximum of $80,000. We would work with an Engineering firm to provide a ZEV Infrastructure Assessment Report to get pre-approved for DC Fast charger stations.
A 200Amp Service is recommended for most EVSE Installations. Depending on your household/Condo current demand and service size there are other options if you require a 200Amp Service Upgrade. We can provide a EVEMS (Electrical Vehicle Management System) which is less expensive and palpable for clients to get their installation done.
Depending on the style of charger, YES. Technically someone could hook up to your power. To remove this concern, communicate with us and we will provide a price for a Wi-Fi enabled EV Charger that will lock itself when you don’t want it used

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