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Serving Southern Vancouver Island
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28 Jun, 2021
Posted by Shawn Dewolfe
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The Before and After Of A Tidy Electrical Panel

For every household electrical system, the reality is that the electrical panel can be neglected. Since it is not visible to people without opening up the cover, problems might occur without the homeowner knowing. If parts of the house are experiencing electrical problems and it is not because of outages, there is a high chance that the panel is to blame. Getting a replacement panel (or upgrading an existing one) is a worthy investment, especially since an electrician can easily fix any wiring problems for you.

There are also multiple advantages to getting a fresh electrical panel. These do not just revolve around improved performance, but safety as well.

Advantages of a Fresh Electrical Panel

A More Secure Electricity Experience for the Household

A huge advantage to a replaced or upgraded panel is the improved safety it brings. Panels that are old or worn-out pose bigger risks of fire-this spells trouble since most homes nowadays have a wide range of appliances. A small spark can easily turn into an enormous flame; especially if it occurs unsupervised. By changing the electrical panel, the household’s systems make use of more advanced technology that will help things run smoother, safer, and more efficiently.

The Ability to Use More Household Appliances

Whether it is the latest game console or a cool fan to keep the room well-ventilated; a new panel can add more circuits and power outlets to allow homeowners to use more appliances. Circuits specifically catered to appliances that consume high power may also be added-a helpful move for those that like to use air conditioning units. Nowadays, panels can easily take the load offered by these appliances. A person can plug in a washing machine or dryer without fear of overloading the circuits.

Efficient Power Distribution

Older panels have the disadvantage of putting out inconsistent electrical power. Sometimes, this can lead to overloading. The risk of a fire or electrocution is not something anybody wants in their household. With new technologies emerging every year, appliances are becoming more innovative and can take in more power. Replacing the electrical panel allows electricity to flow more consistently, removing the risk of damaging household equipment or tripping a breaker.

Expert Help from an Electrician

Replacing an electrical panel is an intricate task. While many people are getting into the DIY business these days, it is difficult to mess with anything that involves electricity. Electricians recommend the inclusion of a subpanel to allow breakers to work with the newly installed panels-this is something you can directly consult with an expert.

In a panel, the load center functions as the central processing unit in a computer: it can provide power for years if it is installed properly. For electricians, one look at a panel grants them the knowledge to figure out the root of any possible issues or problems. Every repair made is neatly labeled and categorized to make things easier for future repairs.

Replacing an electrical panel might be a daunting task to the unsuspecting eye. That is where Grifflyn Electric comes in: our services are aimed at homeowners and businesses that need a helping hand with electronics.

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